Deal: Classic Converse Sneakers Under $30? Say No More.

Get low-tops and high-tops for an extra 25% off

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low-Top Sneakers
You could grab these low-top Chucks for under $30 or high-tops under $34, or both. Both is good.

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Is there anything like slipping on a fresh pair of Chuck Taylors? We’d venture to say hell no, but you can write to us and let us know when you pick up a pair under $30 during Converse’s ginormous sneaker sale.

Converse is currently offering 25% off full-price styles and 25% off already discounted clearance styles through Saturday when you use code MYTREAT. You could get all manner of Frankensteinian sneakers with Gore-Tex uppers or fleece lining, but from where we’re standing (desperately in need of a clean set of kicks for spring), your best bet is going to be the classic Chuck Taylor All Star low-tops for a hair under $30 and the classic high-tops for just a couple bucks more.

You know what, go ahead and grab one of each. At a little over $60 for high- and low-tops, you’re basically getting two sets of sneakers for the price of one from any other brand. 

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