The Hoodie We Swear by for Winter Workouts Is on Sale

Embrace your inner Rocky-on-the-steps

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Hot take that is also a cold take: I prefer running the track in winter. There are just too many people in the summer, getting workouts in before beach vacations like undergrads sending final papers to their professor at 11:59 p.m. Besides, that red rubber is usually sizzling in high July.

No, much better to crush a few laps in January and February. The lanes are all your own and you can take a much needed break from the gym. Only thing is, you’ll need the proper attire. 

And you can do no better than this Training Hoodie from the Swoosh.

Are there other, more modish and fashion-aware options we could recommend here? Sure. But I know this hoodie. I own it. And I wear it every time I roll my bones off the couch and head out for a frosty jog. It’s thick and insulated without being intrusive, comes with a handy interior pocket for stashing your phone (make sure you’ve got some bluetooth headphones!) and its structured hood sits tight on your head once you start really moving.

Get yours today and get out there tomorrow. 


Images from Nike

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