Build a Better Summer Wardrobe With LA Surf Brand Banks Journal

Forget one "beach to bar" ensemble. We've got great outfits for each.

Build a Better Summer Wardrobe With LA Surf Brand Banks Journal

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Here’s the problem with that “beach-to-bar” lingo brands are pushing, other than the fact that it’s lazy, trite writing.

It’s not actually that realistic. Who gets up bright and early, spends a whole day at the beach, gets all sandy and sun-dizzy, then heads straight into six hours at the cabana? There’s time for a crucial siesta and shower in between, and assuming you’ve packed well, an outfit change.

The best brands for summer wares, then, don’t just make multi-purpose clothes, they offer a bevy of relaxed looks that can easily be rearranged and re-paired to construct a number different outfits. Banks Journal is one of the best in the business at this. The eco-minded surf brand was formed by four friends: two from Tokyo (Masa and Motoo) and two from Byron Bay, Australia (Tim and Rama) who banded together and eventually brought their duds to the shores of Southern California.

Banks Journal is now available on Huckberry, and we highly recommend you take a long look before heading to the coast this year. Because when that beach day finally arrives, we’ve taken the liberty of assembling two outfits for you below. One for the beach, and one for the bar. Have fun out there.


Primary Boardshort

Heart Rings Tee Shirt

5PM-The wee hours

Business and Pleasure Co. Walkshort

Shambles SS Woven Shirt

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