This All-Purpose Brooks Brothers Blazer Is $200 Off

It's the perfect cold-weather sport coat

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When reaching into the closet on date night, you shouldn’t pull out the same suit jacket you trudge to work in each morning.

Heck, you shouldn’t be trudging to work in the same suit jacket each morning. Untextured navy, black and grey is too boring. Too clinical. You deserve a blazer that’ll put some pep in your step and a rise in your shoulders. Something Indiana Jones would wear when he’s teaching archaeology. 

Luckily, we know just the jacket — Brooks Brothers’ Regent Fit Herringbone Sport Coat

herringbone (3 images)

These are ridiculously discounted right now, from $500 down to $300, and we would actually recommend picking up multiple. You’re not going to see a deal like that too often, not from Brooks Brothers anyway, and the blazer’s toasty wool-cashmere Herringbone blend makes it the perfect sport coat for months October through March. It comes in Blue, Olive and Brown and is fully stocked in sizing (surprisingly). 

BUY HERE: $500 $300

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