Deal: This Versatile Fall Jacket From Billy Reid Is $200 Off

It's a quail-hunting jacket. But it's also good for hiking, driving and doing nothing at all.

Deal: This Versatile Fall Jacket From Billy Reid Is $200 Off

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No, we don’t want summer to end either. But it’s going to, about a month from now, and in the next couple weeks our favorite menswear labels are going to start dropping all manner of denim and flannel to help you gear up for leaves, football, wholesome family dinners, etc., etc.

New styles are always fun, but they’re sometimes a shade unnecessary with places like Buck Mason, Taylor Stitch and Billy Reid churning out timeless, supremely comfortable workwear. The inherent “vintage-ness” of these duds means yearly releases are a little redundant, and you should save your cash, when you can, by shopping preexisting pieces.

To that end, the jacket you need for this autumn has been out for a while, and you can get it at a $200 discount. Billy Reid’s Packable Quail Jacket is a waterproof nylon coat with a lightweight 100% cotton lining. In a charcoal colorway, it’s fancy enough looking that you can wear it over a collared shirt, but it’s also performance-oriented enough that you can take it into the woods. (You don’t have to hunt quail when doing so, though you certainly can.) It also packs down into a little waxed tote bag.

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