Finally, a Guy-Friendly Soap Collection That Won’t Leave You High and Dry

Bring us your calloused and withering mitts

October 18, 2017 9:00 am

Confession: I suffer from two innocuous yet frustratingly interconnected afflictions.

I compulsively clean my hands. And I have dry skin because I compulsively clean my hands.

As a result, I tend to sample — and discard — new soaps and lotions faster than Leo does girlfriends. I also live in a dry climate, so good lotion is essential. And Maapilim is my new favorite product for keeping things clean and lubricated.

Made in Tel Aviv (another dry climate), Maapilim is plant-based, relying on aloe, coconut and wood oils for its moisturizing properties. Plants are better for your skin than whatever the hell is made in a factory (read: all of that stuff you’ll find in a grocery or drugstore, which tends to come from countries where regulations are very lax). Even Kiehls is made in China, and — no surpise — their lotions tend to be either overly oily or waxy, and often don’t blend into skin well.

Maapilim’s scents — grapefruit, cardamom, bergamot, lavender, oud wood, mint — are present but don’t linger. Only someone who leans in close will detect them. The lotions soften in your hand, and aren’t oily.

Cherry on top? The simple, naturalistic branding will look nice in any bathroom.

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