Jason and Travis Kelce Just Made a Big Investment in Light Beer

The brothers are now among the owners of Garage Beer

Jason and Travis Kelce in 2023
Jason and Travis Kelce embrace after a Chiefs/Eagles game in 2023.
Ryan Kang/Getty Images

Brothers Jason and Travis Kelce each made their name playing football, but the two have also had their hands in plenty of extracurricular activities. These include the podcast New Heights and Travis’s push towards a greater pop-cultural ubiquity. But projects that put the Kelces front and center aren’t the only things they’re involved with; there’s also the matter of forays into business. And, like plenty of celebrities before them, that includes making a foray into the world of booze.

All of which is to say that Jason and Travis Kelce recently took a significant stake in the Ohio-based light beer company Garage Beer. Garage Beer has a relatively focused approach to its business; it currently makes just two varieties of beer, both under 100 calories per can, with a pledge of “0% IPA.”

According to the announcement of the deal, the Kelces will be “significant investors, partners, owners, and operators” in the company — and if you go to the brewery’s website now, you’ll see a very large photo of the two brothers enjoying a beer, bicycle and chainsaw in tow.

“I think everyone knows I like to have a couple beers now and then, so being an owner of Garage Beer and heavily involved in making the best light beer is exciting, man!” Travis said in a statement. ÆThere is nothing better to bring people together than an ice-cold beer, and for Jason and me that is what beer is all about — friends, family and fun.”

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In the announcement, Travis also mentioned that he had worked with Garage Beer’s Andy Sauer for several years. Sauer, a co-owner of Garage Beer, took over the company in 2023. As per a report in the Cincinnatti Business Courier, Travis had invested in a previous Sauer-run company as well.

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