The Travis Kelce Show Is Just Getting Started

If you're already tired of this face, we have some bad news

Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce speaks to the press.
In five years this guy could star in a "Fast and Furious" reboot
Kyle Rivas/Getty

Imagine it’s the year 2030. It’s been a half decade since Travis Kelce retired from professional football, after three-peating as Super Bowl champion and proposing marriage to Taylor Swift on the field after the triumph. While making his Hall of Fame-induction speech — with Swift in the front row of the audience, holding their newborn daughter and sitting next to their three-year-old girl — Kelce thanks his former head coach, Andy Reid.

“You led our team to many amazing victories,” Kelce says, “and you didn’t get too pissed when I bumped you in Super Bowl 58, turning us into a meme.”

He then turns toward his “Mahomie,” Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and says, “You’re the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, even if you’ve won one fewer Super Bowl than Tom Brady.

As a capper to his speech, he excitedly announces his next movie. A banner drops down on the wall behind him advertising an upcoming Fast and Furious reboot, which will feature all-electric cars and boast the tagline “Never Out of Gas.”

You laugh now — at least, I hope you are — but this might not be too far off the mark of what’s to come for Kelce.

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Kelce followed his Super Bowl win with some comedy

According to a headline from The Wrap, the tight end, who for now has promised a return to the NFL in 2024, harbors “big Hollywood ambitions.”

“Travis Kelce could have a soaring and lucrative entertainment career,” The Wrap wrote recently. “In the shadow of his football superstardom, the 34-year-old Chiefs tight end has already set the stage to make his mark in Hollywood.”

The publication reports that Kelce is already considering movie roles and has a team of managers that are “developing unscripted shows for the star, exploring comedy opportunities and pursuing product endorsements.” There are talks of a reality TV show, in partnership with White Lotus producer David Bernad, which would add to his already-growing portfolio of media credits. (He’s producing two films, My Dead Friend Zoe, premiering next month, and the Jean-Michel Basquiat documentary, King Pleasure; he’s also already appeared on Saturday Night Live and in some commercials.) Sports broadcasting and game show appearances are additional channels through which Kelce can push his personal brand forward, per The Wrap.

His representatives already include an agent for non-scripted TV, Nikki Goldfarb, who works with companies like Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine production group. Kelce’s agent for motion picture and comedy, Rachel Rush, reps stars like Sacha Baron Cohen and Trevor Noah. “And elsewhere on his team is power agent Lorrie Bartlett, who has a stellar client list that includes Regina King, Michael Keaton, Rachel Zegler and Lucy Liu,” The Wrap added. “That’s not to mention his four football agents and his Hollywood publicist Jack Ketsoyan.”

Kelce has said he wants to be as famous as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The Wrap wrote, and he now has a number of people with the power to get him to that point. But there’s at least one very big pothole he’ll have to avoid.

Ryan Schinman, CEO OF Mayflower Entertainment, a marketing consultancy that connects brands with entertainment partners, told The Wrap that he worries all of Kelce’s cache could turn to dust — and not the kind that collects on top of pinned-up hair.

“I do worry about one thing, the break-up. God forbid they break up,” Schinman said, referring to Kelce and, well, you know who. “How they break up could be devastating to his branding career. Because she is the most loved superstar and has the most rabid fans in the world, when she feels wronged, the whole world feels wronged.”

If there’s anyone who should be able to deal with some Swifties it’s Kelce. They can’t cause any more harm than NFL linebackers or strong safeties…right?

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