Gronk on Belichick: “He’s All Caught Up With the Girls”

Belichick's cheerleader girlfriend may be the only one cheering him on

Belichick (left) onstage at Netflix's "GROAT" last month
Belichick (left) onstage at Netflix's "GROAT" last month
Getty Images

Bill Belichick’s eight rings haven’t slowed his search for another. In the wake of a media frenzy over the 71-year old’s relationship with Jordon Hudson (now 24), the couple have been spotted on romantic getaways to Croatia, Nantucket and picturesque Foxborough, Massachusetts. Now, TMZ Sports reports that the pair have been “living together for months,” a surprise given Belichick’s break with long-term girlfriend, Linda Holliday, in 2023. The coach, who led the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl victories, met Hudson on a plane three years ago, where he autographed the then-college student’s psychology textbook. While Belichick has drawn praise and censure from every angle, the cheekiest responses to the intergenerational pair have come from within the NFL, where the now-inactive coach’s legacy persists. 

In early May, weeks before the media tuned into Belichick’s love life, Netflix hosted their annual Netflix Is a Joke Festival. Among the events populating the 10-day lineup was a “roast” of Tom Brady, tastefully titled the “GROAT,” or “Greatest Roast of All Time.” While Netflix brought stars from Kim Kardashian to Kevin Hart to spit venom at Brady, Belichick didn’t leave unscathed either: “Coach, you used to talk about Foxborough High School when we sucked,” poked legendary tight end, Rob Gronkowski. “But now I know why you were so obsessed with Foxborough High School: you were scouting your new girlfriend.” 

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While the jab lacked context back then, Gronk doubled down as the Belichick-Hudson relationship seeped into the limelight. In a Tuesday morning appearance on Julian Edelman’s Games with Names podcast, he explained Belichick’s “trifecta” — the three pitfalls the coach insisted be avoided by the Patriots’s roster: “alcohol, assholes and girls.” Belichick “did partake in being an asshole sometimes,” laughed Gronk. “Now he’s all caught up with the girls.”

Fifteen hundred miles outside of Foxborough, in the AFC West, Travis Kelce has been making Belichick jokes of his own. Kelce, whose relationship with Taylor Swift has been relegated to the NFL’s second-most newsworthy, hosts the New Heights podcast with his brother (and seven-time Pro Bowl-er), Jason. In a Wednesday morning segment comparing NFL legends to Founding Fathers, Travis likened Belichick to statesman and womanizer Benjamin Franklin: “He’s a smooth operator,” he laughed, “his daugh— I mean his girlfriend… he’s killing it.” 

Bill Belichick, already a borderline cartoonish figure, is exiting the league in twin flames of glory and notoriety. “They met naturally over her homework on a plane,” bantered Barstool Sports founder, David Portnoy. “They’re in love.”

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