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Now More Than Ever, It’s Time to Take Telephobia Seriously

Fear of answering the phone is a legitimate social anxiety disorder. The pandemic isn't helping.

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The Unique Discomfort of Dating as a Xennial

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New York’s Embargoed Comedy Clubs Have Gone Underground

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Mindfulness Is the Surest Route to Having a Better Year in 2021

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Why Is Herpes Stigma Still a Thing?

Activists have been fighting a dominant, fear-mongering herpes narrative for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic might be shedding new light on the flaws in society's response to highly transmissible viruses

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Colin Quinn’s Drive-In Special Is One of the Great Feats in Stand-Up History

It began as a joke, but it will be remembered as a testament to a dark, weird and — yes — funny time

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How Do You Teach Sex Ed to Kindergarteners?

Meet the organization bringing age-appropriate sex ed to young students, no condoms or bananas necessary

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A Beginner's Guide to Self-Massage, An Essential Skill for 2020

Start with these five effective methods, which require only your hands and a tennis ball