Health & Fitness

Meet the Adults Who Regularly Confuse Panic Attacks for Heart Attacks

It's a medical affliction that affects hundreds of thousands of people. Why do we never talk about it?

Sex & Dating

The Difficulties of Dating as a Straight Submissive Man

What the gay community can teach straight men, especially submissive ones, about getting the kind of sex they want.


Meet the Online Models Proving Sex Isn't Just for the Able-Bodied

Online communities like Reddit's r/disablednudes provide space for disabled people to express their sexuality

Health & Fitness

The Latest Designation in Mental Health Conversations? "Adult Children."

Living with a dysfunctional parent during childhood can be a lifelong disadvantage


Why Do So Many Young Americans Hate Sports?

Market data paints a grim picture for the future of pro sports. In league offices around the country, the campaign to secure it is well underway.


Michael C. Hall, TV Serial Killer, Also Has a Synth-Pop Band

The "Dexter" star is headed out on the road with his band Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum


How Did an 11-Year-Old YouTuber Score an Interview With Jay-Z?

Jazlyn Guerra’s other recent subjects also include Derek Jeter and Nas


Jo Firestone Is the Latest Comic to Radically Re-envision the Standup Special

In "Good Timing," the comedian explains the joys of mentoring senior citizens, the "alt-comedy" scene and why it's weird to talk to dogs in a baby voice

Sex & Dating

Oral Sex Is Still Taboo. This Dating App Wants to Change That.

What the very existence of Headero, a new dating app designed to unite head-givers and receivers, says about society's lingering oral sex stigma

Health & Fitness

At Co-Dependents Anonymous, Adults Seek Treatment for Addictions to Other People

The 12-step program is designed to help members move on from debilitating relationships

Arts & Entertainment

Al Franken Returns With a One-Man Show About His Time in the Senate

The comedian-turned-politician on current affairs, his former colleagues and his return to the stage


What Will Be the Legacy of Cooperstown’s Longest Year?

After Derek Jeter's long-awaited Hall of Fame coronation, a town and its tourism industry look to the future