When Is a Burlesque Show the Best-Ever Burlesque Show?

When it pulls out all the stops for its 10th anniversary

September 9, 2016 9:00 am

What do you want from a burlesque show? 

A bit of sexiness. Some acrobatics. Some forward-thinking ideas on the female form. 

The extravaganza we’ve picked out for you will have all that, and more. It’s the Hubba Hubba Revue’s 10th anniversary show. We’re expecting cakes — and we’re expecting women to leap out of them. 

We’ve got that, some interactive dance performances for the striptease-averse, your hike of the week and everything else you should definitely do in and around the Bay this weekend

1. What makes one burlesque show even better than another burlesque show? When the burlesque show in question marks the Hubba Hubba Revue’s 10th anniversary and will feature “top performers from Hubba-past and Hubba-present, burlesque legends and superstars, international guests, acrobats, aerialists and entire troupes.” All this comes courtesy of acrobatic women in pasties and bustiers. Is there seriously something not to like here?

2. For the striptease-averse, look no further than Take 5, which offers an interactive take on performance: dancers will present works-in-progress and open the floor for critique and review; attendees will vote to reward one with 15 hours of rehearsal time.  

3. There are still tickets for Wilco left. Pick your night (they’re playing all three of them), watch them live on KEXP and prepare for musical transcendence.

4. The kid’s equipment in Duboce Park needs some freshening up — so get over there on Saturday for its 19th annual tag sale. Pick up a used lamp, with sales going to support the playground upgrades. Everyone wins.

5. If you want to learn it, Oakland’s Crucible studio can probably teach it, with courses on everything from butchering (courtesy of Oakland native James Syhabout of Commis and Hawker Fare) to glassblowing, blacksmithing and stone working. Learn all about it at Tools to Table, their fall open house. You will leave wanting to build your house, anew, from scratch.

6. Fellow expat artists and longtime partners Paula Perreira and Pernilla Andersson collaborate as t.w. five; their latest work, in adhesive-backed vinyl, considers the difficulties and rewards of life at a distance.

And, of course, your hike of the week: It’s time to do the Angel Island summit trail, an iconic choice that too many people skip because ferries are the worst. Plan on getting the 9:45 a.m. departure from Pier 41 and make a day of it. Mount Livermore doesn’t exactly offer major altitude, but it’s a solid way to stretch the legs. And if the weather cooperates, the views are excellent.

Wilco photo: Zoran Orlic. Kitten de Ville: Candace Conner. Take 5: Michael David Rose Photography. Angel Island via Flickr.


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