Magic Jeans Are Dapper, Clean Themselves

These jeans are impervious. To everything, basically.

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Magic Jeans Are Dapper, Clean Themselves
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14 January 2016

Washing denim: a surprisingly controversial topic. 

Maybe you're a raw denim fetishist whose main cleaning method involves a freezer, spring water and Febreze. 

Or just Febreze.

Or, you know, nothing, because that's how the Good Lord made them. 

But what if you never had to worry about cleaning your jeans again — because they clean themselves? 

Science to the rescue, friends.

ODO Jeans, currently on Kickstarter, clean up after themselves.

Water? Come on. Red wine? Ain't no thing. 

ODO's designers make S.F. their home, which makes sense, since we're the efficiency-minded menswear capital of the planet. 

They credit silver thread with the tidying-up work. It's all explained in charts. There's the regular, flat denim (not good), and then ODO's "engineered surface with billions of microscopic peaks." Those peaks help make it difficult for stains to settle in. 


It wouldn't mean much without style. 

Luckily, they're producing the jeans in a normal, Goldilocks-style fit: not too lean, not too loose. Just right. 

And it won't even matter if your kid drops her juice on your pants.

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