Your New Spring Look Has Arrived

If you buy one suit this season, make it this one

By Diane Rommel

Your New Spring Look Has Arrived
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23 February 2017

New York pinstripe power suits: Pass. 

LA beach gear as office wear: No, thank you. 

We require our own thing. 

And we found it: not too Wall Street, not too woke-up-like-this. This is your just-right suit: smart, refined, and equally appropriate for a working lunch and the drinks that follow a long day behind a desk. 

We just want clothes that look good and wear well, requiring as little time as possible to maintain and as much ease-of-wear as possible. 

And most of all, we don't want to spend all day waiting to get home to change. 

We're talking about a jacket made from a wool-linen mix, constructed to respond to temperature fluctuations without adding unnecessary weight. 

There's a little bit of stretch courtesy of lycra, because life requires it. 

And the bona fides behind the tailoring are solid: Each jacket is hand-stitched by a fourth-generation family firm in Portugal. 

If you buy one suit this season, make it this one. Fair warning: The pre-order window closes in five days, so hop to it. 

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