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Get Hitched

Custom campers for the traveling man

  • 10 March 2014

Camping season is nigh upon us — not that it ever strayed very far this winter.

Time to X-out a few boxes on the wall calendar, ditch the Jetboil and grab a Dub-Box USA camper — light enough to hitch to a Prius, fully bespoke and guaranteed to turn heads.

Taking design cues from the venerable VW Campervan, Dub Boxes are retro-inspired but built new from the ground up, with lightweight fiberglass shells and NASA-grade insulation.

Your uncle Ricky’s Vanagon chop-job can’t make the same claim.

Inside, a big convertible bed and a kitchenette with double burners, refrigerator and pump-action sink, plus cupboards and a wardrobe — all customizable for your specific needs.

Take things up a notch with a pop-top and an awning.

Or don’t. This is about you, after all. Lose the bed and have them install a full bar and a card table instead, if you're so inclined.

Give them a call to get started on a quote, but peep their gallery first for a sense of what's possible.

Much longer camping season, for one.

The Specifics

Dub-Box USA

Call for a quote and delivery details.

(971) 238-2269

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