Where to Take Her: Beach Edition
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Where to Take Her

The beach is calling. Answer that call, man.

  • 17 June 2014

Because every man needs a plan, and some of us need that plan with pretty pictures, we present Where to Take Her: a series that answers a gentleman's most pressing lifestyle questions and recurs whenever we get around to it. Up today: grab yer trunks, we’re going to the beach.

Your Key:

Belhurst Castle - Finger Lakes - On the shore of massive Seneca Lake, so all the on-the-water tomfoolery a man could want. Plus prime dining and a winery. And you’re staying in a castle.

Côte d'Azur - France - It’s the French Riviera. We just wrote you a comprehensive guide. What more do you want, man?

Fort Pond Lake House - Montauk - First you rent this house. Friday night dinner from here. Lucky J’s for Saturday brunch. Watch surfers and good looking people at Ditch Plains with a lobster roll. Dinner/drinks at newly renovated Gurney’s. After party at Ruschmeyer’s. Sunday at Surf Lodge. You’re welcome.

Marathon - Florida - All the island-hopping-by-skiff, friendly locals, Carib-influenced tunes and ridiculous seafood you’d want from the Keys. None of the raucous bullshit. Well, except the occasional shot-ski.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park - Northern California - Whether as a couple or with a group, this is for those looking to do sand, surf and ancient-growth California redwoods well and truly away from civilization. Mushrooms optional.

Silver Sands - North Fork - Stay at Silver Sands to be close to the water but still near the heart of the relatively bustling hamlet. Eat at Noah’s for a buzzing terrace, crab tacos and wine pressed within waving distance.

William Brown Cabin - Upstate - Good for couples because, well, it only holds two people. Which means not only are you well and cozy, you’re only sharing that private swimmin’ hole and outdoor shower (nary a neighbor for miles) with one other person.

The Specifics

Where to Take Her: Beach Edition

Our plans are free; the 
trips may cost ya.

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