Get the Door. It’s Your Tailor.

SHARPND NYC: Tailoring. Suiting. Styling. Delivered.

By The Editors
December 9, 2015 9:00 am

Owning a suit that flatters you is vital at this hand-shaking, baby-smooching time of year.

But it’s anything but convenient.

Enter: SHARPND NYC, a new custom suiting house that works from home — your home.

No more trying to find the best tailor or the time to see him.

He’s on his way. And there’s more.

At SHARPND, quality is what matters most. Each of their tailors has been expertly vetted, bringing years in the industry to the your table along with a whole lot of style know-how. 

During one of SHARPND’s one-hour Wardrobe Consultation sessions, they’ll organize your goods and gear to complement your personal style. If something is working, it stays. If not, it goes. And they’ll work with you to utilize items you already have in new ways so you get more out of what you currently own, pulling you out of any applicable appearance rut.

From there, it’s making sure what you have fits and what you don’t will, care of their top-notch Made-to-Measure line.

“We fuse old and new world construction techniques to build garments that look great, wear comfortably and stand the test of time,” says Gerald Tuchman, VP of SHARPND. “Our products and our service are an authentic and increasingly rare value.”

To kick off their launch, they’re offering $10 off your first tailoring experience. Use code LAUNCHMONTH at checkout to redeem.

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