Summer Better Than Others

Four suits perfect for warmer temps

By The Editors
May 20, 2015 9:00 am

Summer’s not all Bermuda shorts and tank tops, gents. For those of us still fighting the good (see: office) fight — and those who just enjoy keeping it dapper through the warmer months — it’s a great time to shore up the ol’ suit arsenal. Below, the four kits you should be keeping an eye on as Memorial Day approaches, all available right here in town.

Whiten Up
While you might not wear it quite as well as the young lady in our Spring Style Issue, Suit Supply’s pinstriped number has just enough added verve to avoid Miami Vice shoutouts. Steer clear of pastel tees to be safe.

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Keep It Separated
Summer’s also a great chance to rock some linen in a bold plaid, like this one from Billy Reid. Keep it confined to the jacket and pair with slim, understated trousers (like these) and you’re good to go.

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Get the Blues
A punchier blue like Miller’s Oath’s just-dropped Pindot Worsted is a great transition kit: low-key shirt and tie combos keep it office-appropriate, but throw a floral under there (like this one) to make the color pop for weekend jaunts.

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Shoot the Three
Summer does not necessarily mean a three-piece moratorium. If the fabric is light in both weight and color, it’ll play. Light grey’s a solid backdrop for colorful shirts, and you can ditch the jacket in higher temps and still look buttoned up.

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