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Meet Lorenzo Martone. He's got the bikes you want.

  • 18 June 2013

Something has happened to the bicycles of New York City.

Where once a motley assortment of track bikes and bangers filled the streets, now rolls a legion of electric blue cruisers. They're handy, sure, but they lack a certain panache.

Not lacking said panache: Martone Cycling Co.

Martone = Lorenzo Martone, fashion power publicist (and erstwhile Marc Jacobs fiancé).

He’s the kind of design-minded chap who still gushes over his childhood bike — her name was “Fina” — and who knows that a truly cool ride is as much about form as it is function.

Stylistically, his cycles pop in five different eye-catching hues, dressed front-to-back in black, gold, red, white or silver.

Each comes with a metal basket that’ll hold 25 lb of gear. Simple and clean. 

Tech-wise, Martone bikes feature an aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel spokes and a “duomatic gear system” that shifts automatically based on your riding speed.

All depends on how fast you want to turn heads.

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Martone Cycling Co.


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