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Jura Brooklyn: King’s County’s first Scotch

  • 17 July 2014

Scotch has to come from Scotland. That’s just a rule.

Sometimes, though, the path is more complicated. Sometimes it starts out in Scotland, then goes to Brooklyn. Then goes back to Scotland. Then comes back to Brooklyn.

We call that stuff Jura Brooklyn, the just-released Scotch whisky developed by a plunderbund of Kings County tastemakers and now available exclusively in New York City.

Here’s how it went: Jura has been making single malt on their eponymous Scottish isle since 1963.

Damn good stuff, ranging from honey-tinged Jura Origin to peat hammer Jura Prophecy.

Last year, they sent master distiller/possible garden gnome Willie Tait to Brooklyn armed with six cask samples, each inspired by the borough.

Tait consorted with savvy cats from spots like Post Office, Brooklyn Brewery and Noorman’s Kil.

They tasted. Deliberated. Tait went back to Scotland to blend. And Jura Brooklyn was born.

The result is a smoky dram with notes of black toffee, currants and honey. It’s delicious.

Grab a bottle at one of these fine NYC spirit slingers, and keep an eye out for it at watering holes across the city – we hear Death & Co.’s “Chelsea Smile” is particularly tasty.

Just take the least complicated path there.

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Jura Brooklyn

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