This Is The Perfect Tie. Get One.

Snazzy neckwear and advice from an NYC style guru

By The Editors
December 2, 2014 9:00 am

There are certain chaps around town whose sense of style — and, more importantly, whose opinions on style — your correspondent really respects.

Elliot Aronow is one of those chaps.

And now, we’re happy to report, he’s sharing some of his signature style by way of Jacques-Elliott, his new line of ties and hankies arriving just in time for holiday season.

Aronow’s got what he calls a “punk rock gentleman’s vibe.” Think Brooks Brothers, but given several solid whacks with the cool stick after years hanging with guys like Chromeo and Mark Ronson.

Jacques-Elliott makes “The Perfect Tie”: a super-versatile, three-and-an-eighth-inch iteration crafted in Brooklyn from texture-rich fabrics that get noticed but still play nice with workaday ensembles.

We’re particularly fond of the Professor’s Choice in flecked donegal. It’s like funfetti cake for your neck.

And because Aronow likes nothing more than sharing his stylistic viewpoint, he’ll be dropping sartorial knowledge at General Assembly this Thursday night. Lessons like the nine items every man should own and the 100+ getups you can create with them.

It’s free. You should go.

Plus, Jacques-Elliott will be peddling his wares at the Market Square pop-up this weekend in Chelsea alongside a snazzy crew of designers du jour. Again, you should go.

We’ll see you out there.

Nota bene: Because Elliot’s such an upstanding geezer, he’s also giving our readers 10% off. Just enter code “cptnhook” (no quotations) at checkout.

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