Your Next Date: Burlesque in a Cemetery

Pop-up theater invades Green-Wood Cemetery

June 3, 2015 9:00 am

Recall your last three dates.

Where’d they take place?

Restaurant? Bar? Movie theater, maybe?

Makes a lady wonder: “What’s a girl gotta do to get taken to the cemetery these days?”

Humor her, if you would, at Dark Wonderland, a one-month-only series of immersive nocturnal theater set amid the tombstones of Green-Wood Cemetery, limited tickets on sale now.

Taking place every Thursday through Saturday evening this month only, the performances will pay homage to Alice in Wonderland (which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year) by utilizing the 177 year-old cemetery as a “wonderland and surreal landscape.”

The evening begins with twilight refreshments before intrepid daters embark on a lantern-lit tour of Green-Wood’s candlelit pathways.

Shows will take place in the groves between the tombstones and feature silent movie vampires, burlesque dancers and a requiem guitar solo by Living Colour founder Vernon Reid, among others.

Each week features a different lineup, so you won’t see the same show twice.

You know, should you choose to humor her more than once.


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