Your New Quiet Place Comes With One Helluva View

Mainly because it’s part cabin, part camper

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Your New Quiet Place Comes With One Helluva View
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18 February 2016

Not long ago, a man could go to work, go home and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Today, a man goes to work. Goes home to work. Then enjoys more work.

Whither the solitude?

If it’s peaceful reflection time you seek, look no further than the Escape VISTA — from the same folks who brought you the Escape Home — a 160-square-foot portable cabin that can be hitched to the back of an SUV or truck for easy transport to a vacation spot of choice.

The 20-foot-long VISTA sleeps two, has a kitchen, a bathroom and can be outfitted with upgrades like oak floors, air conditioning, solar panels, a pop-up flatscreen TV and a washer/dryer combo.

Other noteworthy features: cedar walls, insulated floors, LED lighting and enough windows to ensure the cabin's occupants will always be able to take in the view.

"It's a 20-foot tiny home-slash-RV," says Randy Woodman of Escape. "I think it's going towards a way where people can have quality, and beauty around them when they're RV-ing."

The VISTA has an MSRP of $46.6k but is currently available for $39.9k as part of an introductory offer and can be built and shipped out for delivery in about two months after an order is placed.

Possible uses: guest house. Airbnb moneymaker. A perfect excuse to be a nomad.

Or y’know, just a place for some peace and quiet.

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