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The VANMOOF 10 brings smart tech to your bike

  • 17 June 2013

Your bike: admittedly, a fantastic invention. Great for commutes, exercise, et al.

But it’s analog. Rather dumb. Makes you do all the work.

Doing yeoman’s labor for you: the VANMOOF 10 Electrified, complete with onboard computer and available now for pre-order.

Crafted by a team of Amsterdam-based urban cyclists/aesthetes, the 10 is billed as the “first intelligent commuter bike”... and the first attempt to apply modern car tech to commuter cycling.

Tucked into the ‘MOOF’s white anodised aluminum frame are a computer and lightweight battery. Working in conjunction, they boost your pedaling power by almost 80 percent, helping you climb hills, speed up when necessary and save energy.

Your bike goes missing? Use the built-in GPS system to track it down, much like a car’s anti-theft system.

Charged, the bike has a peak range of about 40 miles (a dashboard features battery and motor power indicators). But, for you analog types, it also works perfectly fine sans battery.

The 10 can be pre-ordered this month and ships in November. If you’re willing to provide feedback to the company on the bike’s performance, you’ll get a “preferential rate.”

Just think of it as a travel perk.

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