Best Place to Drink Whiskey This Summer? Disney World's New Bourbon Trail.

Maybe do the rides first

By Kirk Miller

Disney World Bourbon Trail
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14 May 2018

Good news: You don’t have to head to Kentucky this summer to traverse a top-tier bourbon trail. Instead, head to Orlando.

Through June 17, Disney Springs — the shopping, dining and entertainment complex within the Walt Disney World Resort — is pairing top-shelf bourbons with dishes across 18 different establishments. And they’ll giving you a map to help you navigate your course.

Disney World Bourbon Trail

You’ll begin at the House of Blues with a Hurry Sundown Old Fashioned (made with Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Benedictine, butter pecan syrup, bitters and caramel pecan bacon) paired with smoked brisket and homemade bread pudding with bourbon butter. By the time you hit stop #18 (Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’), you’ll be imbibing a Basil Hayden’s Mint Julep and chowing down some biscuits topped with fried chicken thighs and drizzled with hot honey.

Maybe split this adventure over a few days.

Overall, you’ll experience some great food with some unique cocktails (Smoked Bourbon Gelato Shakes, Southern Sangria). And note that these are solid bourbons: Old Forester, Bulleit, Woodford Reserve, Angel’s Envy, Knob Creek, etc.

Best news? You can walk the trail without getting a park ticket. Because where you’re going, you won’t need a rollercoaster.

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