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Design your own dress shoe with Rancourt

  • 20 November 2013

Shoes tell you about a man’s pride in the little things.

If a dude wears square-toed dress shoes, for example, he’s either not a details man, or not aware it’s no longer 1998.

For the man with pride in every detail, there’s Rancourt’s new Custom Made program, taking your exacting shoe orders now.

You may know Rancourt — Maine cobblers who hand-sew durable, stylish boots, moccasins and loafers. All high-quality leather goods, made in America, trafficking in timeless styles.

Their creed: "Taste, integrity, patriotism, preserving tradition, and saving money."


Their new make-your-own program: you start with style, natch. Select a penny loafer, say, or a chukka boot or boat shoe.

Then customize each portion of the shoe, from collar and backstay to plug and vamp, plus choose separate sizing for each foot.

Finally, pick your soles. Plantation Crêpe Wedge? Leather outsole?

Wait two-to-three weeks, and they’re yours.

Wear with pride.

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