The Most Interesting Shill in the World Wants You to Drink Tequila Now

So, that's what he always drinks

By Evan Bleier

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14 June 2017

Jonathan Goldsmith (aka "The Most Interesting Man in the World") never actually lied to us when he was shilling suds.

"I don't always drink beer,” he’d say. “But when I do, I prefer Dos Equis."

No we know what he drinks when he's not sipping brew: Mexican tequila. 

The pitchman-turned-author-turned-back-to-pitchman looks familiar in his latest commercial, even though he’s got a glass of Astral Tequila in his hand. "We've always wondered what pop culture icon Jonathan Goldsmith really drinks,” Astral said in a press release. “The answer is Astral Tequila."

Glad they cleared that one up. 

While the stunt seems like it could potentially infringe on copyright, general counsel to the Association of National Advertisers Douglas Wood told AdAge he thinks Astral is safe. “While they arguably take some of the expression and trade off on some goodwill associated with the character in the context of the Dos Equis campaign, it's hard to see any damages or a taking that goes beyond fair use. That said, they are on a slippery slope and should be cautious.”

You've gotta wonder how much Goldsmith was paid for the spot. Either way, one thing's for sure: the man ain't thirsty anymore. 

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