Forget the Man Cave. Let's Talk Man Tipi.

Also on the menu: treehouses, safari tents and playrooms

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Forget the Man Cave. Let's Talk Man Tipi.
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01 December 2015

The things we can be sure of in life are few.

Death. Taxes. And, come December, a lot of face-time with the in-laws.

Should this month find you long on biting your tongue and short on doing as you damn well please, we’ve got a word of advice: take it outside.

That’s the M.O. at Jasper Madison, maker of tipis, treehouses and safari tents for aspiring home-away-from-home buyers everywhere.

Made in Montana in the traditional Sioux-style, the water-repellent Tipi XL weighs in at a humpable 49 lbs. and boasts all the accoutrement necessary for gathering your crew — or your thoughts.

Also of interest: the TreeTent, which sits on a vaulted balcony and packs enough square feet to accommodate the whole family ... or not.

And if you’ve got a wedding, client event or just about any other reason to host a large group, Jasper Madison creates modular tents that can accommodate up to 700 people and be configured to your precise needs and desires.

They’ve even got something for the knee-highs: the TipiMini is compact enough to throw in the trunk of a Prius but made of the same durable weather-safe stuff as the larger versions. 

The pick of the bunch, though? TipiBath.

When all else fails, a man can always trust one place for some privacy.

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