How to Turn a 727/School Bus Into a Dream Home

Real men of genius, these two fellas

By The Editors

How to Turn a School Bus Into a Dream Home
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15 December 2015

Living out of your car? Worrisome.

Living out of a retrofitted school bus? Kind of awesome.

Living out of an equally pimped out 727 in the forest in Oregon? Sky’s the limit.

Meet Patrick Schmidt and Bruce Campbell, housing/transportation innovators.

Schmidt — an unemployed Californian who goes by the name and personal lifestyle “Skoolielove” — bought a used 1990 school bus for $4,500 last March, spent another $9,000 to gussy it up and then set off on a 10,000 mile journey in his now souped-up mobile home.

His renovations included adding solar panels and converters, a sink, shower and toilet, Virgin America-like LED lighting throughout the cabin, bookshelves and an apartment-worthy A/C unit.

Most importantly, it brought the man peace of mind: “At the end of the day, after all the miles driven, the sights and the sounds of everyday life on the road, its [sic] nice to be home,” Skoolielove writes on his site.

But topping that is retired engineer Campbell (no, not the Evil Dead dude), who, according to Core77, got his hand on a retired but still intact 727 and disassembled/reassembled the craft in a forest just outside of Portland.

Bruce Campbell lives in an airplane.Yes, an actual jet.2:11

Why? They’re strong, for starters. “They’re basically flying homes that will last forever,” he says. Campbell added a shower and laundry. He enters through the rear of the plane’s retractable stairs and lives in a fairly wide space that can charitably be described as “dorm friendly.”

Think of this as the ultimate sleeper cabin.

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