Pop-Up Camper Kit Transforms Your Truck Into Whatever You Want

Behold, an instant camping and tailgating solution

By Kirk Miller

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06 March 2018

Forget the RV. Leave the Airstream behind. Winnebago? That's a no go.

A Tundra or Super Duty will do just fine on your next long-term driving adventure.

Because German company Fiftyten now sells modular camper kits that transform the beds of double-cab trucks into versatile storage and sleeping systems. Loosely translated, the three-piece kit features the “tray as a base, the box as the center and the tent as the icing on the cake.”

In other words, there's a flat platform with a storage box and drawer (the tray), a tailgating/storage container with large, wide doors, optional water/power fittings and a roof rack (box), and a pop-up sleeping area with a spring mattress (tent) that, yes, makes your truck resemble an old camera.

Each add-on was designed to be installed or removed quickly, and all are compatible with double-cab pickups from Toyota, Volkswagen, Isuzu, Ford and Mitsubishi. Full kits start at $23,000, though you can buy the pieces individually.

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