Count Your Moneypennies: Bond’s “Casino Royale” Yacht Up for Sale

Eva Green not included, unfortunately

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Count Your Moneypennies: Bond’s “Casino Royale” Yacht Up for Sale
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06 April 2016

If all you remember from the boat scene in Casino Royale is Eva Green, that makes two of us.

But rumor has it the scene also featured a 54-foot mahogany sailing vessel.

And now that classic yacht is going up for sale at this year’s London On-Water Show, which kicks off May 4th.

Designed and built by hand by Spirit Yachts, the Soufrière has teak decks and a modern rig topside, along with a full galley, a living area and two cabins below deck. Easy on the eyes, and the vessel’s superior power-to-weight ratio make it an ideal fit for racing — she took line honors at the British Classic Yacht Club Panerai regatta.

The yacht — which had to have its mast dismantled and reassembled 10 times during filming — was recently returned to Spirit and has been refitted in advance of the upcoming sale.

“Soufrière was designed specifically for Casino Royale following the production company’s search for a classically elegant, unique, British built yacht,” says Spirit CEO and head designer Sean McMillan. “What better place to re-launch her to the public than London, the home of James Bond?”

The asking price for the yacht is about $890,000, so start rounding up your Moneypennies.

Images via Spirit Yachts

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