In the Beginning There Was Fire. Now There's a Firepit/Grill/Smoker Hybrid.

And it only took two million years to get here

By The Editors

This Firepit/Smoker Hybrid Thing Will Win You Many Friends This Summer
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17 November 2016

Ancient men discovered fire around two millions years ago. And yet modern man only just figured out how to best harness its power in this new firepit/grill/smoker hybrid. We're not mad at the time it took to get here, just happy it came about it our lifetime.

From the heartlands of Kansas comes the appropriately named Blaze Tower, a 200-pound steel installation that’s more than 3.5 feet tall and tough enough to handle wind, rain, sleet and snow.

A triple threat that can be utilized as a standard firepit, charcoal grill or wood smoker, the tower is made from five sections that assemble with just six bolts thanks to their tab and slot design.

Available with add-ons like removable doors, vent louvres to control airflow, a rack to hang meat and a two-foot-tall base cut from heavy duty American steel, the Blaze Tower is capable of serving as a backyard centerpiece for years to come.

The tower itself is currently on sale for $590 (15% off) or you can get a complete set with all the add-ons for $950 (22% off). 

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