We See Your Multitool and Raise You One With a Badass Hatchet

The Adventure Mate is apocalypse-ready

By Kirk Miller

Adventure Mate
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24 August 2017

That’s not a knife.

This is a ... well, something greater than a knife.

Hailing from Australia, Adventure Mate is a multitool seemingly suited for the dangers of the Outback. It’s a hatchet, hammer, hook/stake puller, saw and shovel, all of which packs away into a canvas holster (with accompanying belt loop). Rust resistant and lightweight to boot.

Adventure Mate (4 images)

You can pretty much do anything with the Adventure Mate (including “cracking a couple of cold ones”), and it’s now on sale for $149 — a premium version is $20 more and hand polished to a silver-like finish.

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