Ever Seen a Vintage 'Vette With Touchscreens and Bluetooth?

Somewhere, the original owner is rolling in his grave

By Shari Gab

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08 June 2017

There’s a reason they call classic cars “investments.” It’s because you’re going to be investing a load of time, money and tears into it before your check even clears.

Unless the car in questions is this 1963 Corvette Pro-Touring Split Window, which arrives fully revamped in just about every way possible, leaving behind a number that's as much a contemporary supercar as it is a vintage roadster.

Resto Vette (4 images)

Part Corvette, part Ferrari and all parts Franken-car, this performance ride combines modern-day technical specs with a yesteryear aesthetic. Under the hood, it's packing a powerful supercharged 6.2 LSA engine by SMC Performance with a Tremec TR6060 6-speed manual transmission. That adds up to a 700-horsepower car that is meant to be driven hard and fast.

As for those painstaking rites of passage that typically come with owning a classic (upgraded transmission, new brakes, the addition of modern comforts like an A/C system)? You can toss those right out the window. This number already has 'em: track-ready rack and pinion power steering from Flaming River, adjustable Viking shocks and springs, brakes that actually work, A/C ... all in there.

The interior, meanwhile, involves a lot of 3-D printed carbon chrome washed in cool blue LEDs and spankin' new Beemer seats. There’s even a stow-away touchscreen with iPhone and Android integration, backup camera, Bluetooth and an integrated radar detector system. And that dashing color? Ferrari silver Argento Nürburgring, custom blended to perfection.

Are all these alterations to the original enough to make a purist shiver? Probably.

Will the person who ends up sitting behind the wheel care? Probably not.

It’s currently up for grabs online at Bay City Motor Company for an undisclosed amount.

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