In Interview, David Byrne Talks Distilleries and Bourbon

What does the iconic musician think of whiskey? He's a fan.

David Byrne
If you've ever wondered what David Byrne thinks of whiskey, wonder no longer. Commons

At this point, what hasn’t David Byrne done? He’s a beloved musician who recently added “acclaimed Broadway show” to his list of credits. He’s written enthusiastically-received books, directed a movie, created public art and designed bike racks. Looking at his extensive list of credits, one might wonder what other areas of knowledge Byrne might have.

As it turns out, Byrne also knows quite a bit about whiskey. In an interview for journalist and spirits historian Fred Minnick’s podcast, Byrne shared his thoughts on his distilled spirits of choice.

As Minnick mentions in his introduction, most interviews with Byrne understandably focus on his music. This interview takes a different approach. “Turns out David Byrne is a huge bourbon fan,” Minnick says — something which may warm the hearts of many currently sipping bourbon and listening to “Once in a Lifetime.”

The interview begins with Byrne trying Kentucky Owl for the first time, and moves from there to Byrne discussing his first drink. (Malt liquor in a stubby can; he was underage.) The conversation also covers a visit Byrne made to Jeptha Creed on a previous tour stop in Kentucky, and the associations he has with bourbon.

It’s a glimpse into another side of the beloved musician — and one which offers some excellent-sounding whiskey in the process.

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