The 9 Scariest Rooms in Los Angeles
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The 9 Scariest Rooms in Los Angeles

There's no water, period.

  • 15 October 2014

When you’re a kid, hell seems like a fun concept.

The ghosts, the devils, the graveyards.

When you’re a grown-ass man, hell can, at times, seem like where you live.

"The List," searching for parking, the utter and complete lack of water.

With those daily frustrations in mind, we present The Los Angeles House of Horrors.

The L.A. House of Horrors is what a haunted house would be, if that haunted house truly made you wallow in the terror of day-to-day Los Angeles.



People with highly specific, self-imposed dietary habits who won't shut up about their highly specific, self-imposed dietary habits.

Hey, we love L.A.

It’s just a terrifying place to live.

The Specifics

The LA House of Horrors

Enter at your own risk

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