Slumber Party on a Battleship. That Is All.

How to spend a night on the decommissioned USS IOWA

November 3, 2016 9:00 am

Always carry a Big Stick.

Teddy Roosevelt meant it metaphorically.

But the U.S. Navy took it literally when they built the USS IOWA, an 887-foot battleship affectionately known as the “Big Stick” for its firepower that’s now a museum in San Pedro.

Perhaps some of you’ve toured it. But it’s highly unlikely that any of you’ve slept on it (unless you’re a vet, in which case, thank you for your service).

Until now.

We’d like to invite you for the first ever civilian sleepover on one of our nation’s greatest floating museums.

The idea comes from the off-the-wall historians at Atlas Obscura, who just received special clearance to come aboard for night.

The overnighter includes a tour with a historian to parts of ship closed off to day visitors. You’ll sleep in the bunks. You’ll eat in the mess hall. You’ll hear stories from the guys who sailed into battle.

But you’ll only get to do this once: November 11th (Veterans Day).

So act fast.

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