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Time Is On Your Hide

Stay active during work? Wear Ortiz.

  • 04 March 2014

Thanks to the transformative properties of time, many of the oddities introduced in the 1970s are no longer strange.

Smaller cars aren’t dorky. Vegetarianism isn’t wacky. Chest hair and mustaches: in.

Add to that Ortiz Industry, a new line of synthetic active/office wear for strapping, white-collared dudes everywhere.

Helmed by two former Nike designers, Ortiz uses synthetics (hey there, polyester) that are slim-fitting, easy to clean and resistant to smelly microbes.

Our favorites:

Santa Ana Pant

These bulletproof chinos come with a tuck track: a sticky lining around the waist to keep your shirt in place when tucked.

Austin Shirt

The laser-cut top and back yoke will complement your build, while the full flexion gusset and drop tail give you range of movement.

Bay Polo

Those little dots are micro-weld closures that keep you cool. And it’s UPF 50, so you don’t burn. That’s also cool.

Trust what time has endorsed, friend.

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