Five Easy Pieces: The Sabah Dealer

How to look like you've traveled the world even if you haven't

July 25, 2017 9:00 am

The key to looking like a well-traveled man is to incorporate a variety of styles into your wardrobe without looking like a try-hard.

Easier said than done.

But Mickey Ashmore, the man behind Sabah, manages it with aplomb.

A Sabah is a leather shoe based on a traditional Turkish slipper. As Ashmore tells it:

“I worked for Microsoft in Istanbul for two years. While there, I dated a girl from the region where we now make Sabahs. Her family introduced me to a little-known, very traditional, no-longer-worn Turkish slipper. Despite the fact they were quite traditional, a little genie-esque and no longer part of modern Turkish dress, I fell in love with them, and wore them everywhere. A few months after I’d moved back to NYC, I decided I wanted a fresh pair. I found the original maker — they’ve been in business since 1880s — and asked him to make me a new pair with some tweaks. Then the Sabah was born.”

So on the occasion of his new store opening in Venice, we asked him to throw together a jaunty summer getup that’ll stand you out in a crowd from Albuquerque to Zanzibar.

Here it is, in five easy pieces.

RTH Chore Coat
West Hollywood

“My favorite brand and shop in the world. I’m always inspired when I walk in. My go to jacket is an RTH Chore Coat … I own this coat in 5-6 colors and am currently wearing it in olive. I like it because it goes between casual and sophisticated, day and night, because it’s very versatile and a great weight.”

537 N. La Cienega Blvd. (map)

RTH Leopard Belt
West Hollywood

“RTH is the brainchild of a good friend and mentor, Rene Holguin. Like me, he comes from Texas. He has an incredible eye and a sense of style as well as an ability to create a unique shopping experience. They produce in El Paso and Los Angeles and they make, alter and edit a lot of their items right there behind the shop. The Leopard Belt has a subtle touch of funky, and I like the O-ring look.”

537 N. La Cienega Blvd. (map)

Industry of All Nations Madras Shirt

“Great weight, wonderful materials, and the collar is fantastic. Not to mention the folks at IOAN are fantastic. They make a few classic styles, with great materials, all natural, eco-friendly production and many colors. It’s the kind of place you get really high-quality basics that don’t feel basic, and that can almost become a uniform.”

1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd. (map)

Mohawk Man SMOCK Denim Pants  

“Lightweight, comfy, cool, and easy … just like LA.”

4017 Sunset Blvd. (map)

Monfefo Ginger Shot
“In my pocket, I’d have a Monfefo Ginger Shot … to keep healthy and energized while I’m traveling.”


sabah store venice (4 images)

Sabahs Roatan Rose

“Obviously, a pair of Sabahs on my feet. I’ve been digging the Roatan Rose lately … fun, a little different, but still quite subtle. You can buy them online or at our new location in Venice.”  

1629 Abbot Kinney Blvd. (map)

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