Ludo Lefebvre Is Opening a Pop-Up Sandwich Shop for Two Days Only

The LA chef’s latest enterprise will promote upcoming Amazon series “The Boys”

July 25, 2019 9:08 am
Ludo Lefebvre Is Opening a Pop-Up Butcher Shop for Two Days Only
Chef Ludo will be serving up options like the Hamlander and the Starcrossed

For two days, along one of LA’s most storied streets, a new, limited-run pop-up will offer up some guerilla marketing of the most satisfying variety.

Feast your eyes on The Butcher Shop, a tie-in to Amazon original series The Boys. Named after one of the lead characters, Billy Butcher, this honest-to-God delicatessen will be serving up complimentary gourmet sandwiches to all who stop by from a bona fide, Michelin-starred LA legend.

For fans of the superheroes-gone-sour comic-turned-show, The Butcher Shop will be chock full of props, show-previews and even hidden Easter Eggs and references to the show’s mythos. The Butcher Shop promises to be as theatrical an experience as your lunch can possibly offer, including a closing ceremony of sorts that promises to be faithful to the chaos of the show. And given that the creative team includes Garth Ennis, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Eric Kripke, The Butcher Shop is certain to have a few tricks up its sleeve.

But the real stars here are what comes laid on top of bread, not printed on film. Chef Ludo will be serving up options like the Hamlander (ham, American cheese, radish, cornichon and honey butter) and the Starcrossed (sliced lamb, harissa, arugula, dill and yogurt), all available without pulling out your wallet.

 “I was immediately hooked on The Boys, its gritty nature, its no-nonsense action, and its pure unapologetic indulgence,” said Lefebvre. “It’s everything I try to bring to my guests when I create food for them. So when the Amazon Prime Video team approached me to collaborate with them on Butcher Shop, what else could I say but ‘f**k yeah!’”

Check it out, embrace the chaos and enjoy the sandwiches — just leave your do-goodery at the door.

The Butcher Shop is open this Saturday and Sunday, July 27-28, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. It can be found at 457 N Fairfax (map).


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