Need to Lay Low? Try This Desert Hideaway.

Rustic outside. Modish inside. Cold pool, too.

July 28, 2017 9:00 am

There’s a once-in-a-century total eclipse rolling into town on August 21 (you’ll be able to see 65% of it here).

And the Perseid meteor shower is due to peak two weeks before that.

What we’re trying to say: now would be a good time to head to the desert for some good old-fashioned stargazing.

And there’s no better place to do it than Homestead Modern No. 1 an eccentric new BnB in Pioneertown, just a nine-minute walk from Pappy & Harriet’s.

Don’t know Pappy & Harriet’s? It’s the best roadhouse this side of the ‘60s, and this August, Dungen will be stopping by with their brand of psychedelic rock. Come fall, there will be many more great acts — all the more reason to reserve now for later.

It’s all part of the Homestead project, a real-estate concern that builds modish desert shacks for local property owners and then handles the online booking via Airbnb and Home Away.

homestead no 1 (7 images)

The corrugated metal exteriors of Homestead No. 1 may look rusty, but the inside is plush and contemporary, with a comfy California king bed and a big-screen LCD TV. The main house is 725 square feet and includes a bathroom, indoor and outdoor showers, and a kitchen and living area. There’s also a casita and a converted trailer for two more couples.

stargazing (2 images)

There’s a hot tub. There’s a cooling pool. And you can keep an eye on the stars while huddled around the firepit (Check out the schedule for the Perseid Meteor shower here.)

Given the heat may hinder outdoor activities like hiking, consider taking a trip to the Integratron — a geodesic structure that envelops you in an immersive “sound bath” — while you’re there.

Who said the desert’s a bad place to spend your summer vacation?

Nota bene: More units are currently underway, so keep your eyes peeled for more rental options, set to arrive later this year.


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