The Jaws of Life

By The Editors
November 2, 2012 9:00 am

To go face-to-teeth with a shark in SoCal, your options are sadly limited to the great white at Universal Studios, or the great whites at CAA. Or UTA. Or WME.

Instead, get face time with real razor-toothed predators via Great White Adventures (GWA), just now accepting reservations for the 2013 season, with spots filling fast.

Great White Adventures

This is shark cage diving at its most luxurious. GWA offers caged excursions from a teak-floored, sleek-lined yacht — you’ll have a butler, a bar, and three gourmet squares a day — and they ferry you where the diving’s at its chum-chomping gnarliest: Isle Guadalupe, a volcanic island off the Baja coast.

Isla Guadalupe’s warm waters are Spanish fly for great whites.

Unlike the murkier waters of South Africa and Australia, the crystal blue clarity ensures you’ll see so many large-mouthed sea beasts that you’ll reiterate Captain Brody’s request for “a bigger boat.”

Great White Adventures

To take a cage dip near the surface, you won’t need a diving certification, but if you have your PADI they’ll submerge you (and a pro) 30 feet below the hull. Either way, you’ll be diving for 11 hours a day with a marine biologist, who’ll fill you with more facts than the Discovery Channel.

Only, on this shark week, there are no commercials.


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