A Never-Before-Seen Map of LA
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A Never-Before-Seen Map of LA

Helluva outdoor museum we've got here.

  • 16 October 2014

Some cities have statues, some have sculptures.

Here in L.A., we have murals.

Scaling the flanks of buildings. Stretching along the freeway. Decorating telephone boxes, doors, windows and electrical boxes.

It’s an outdoor museum, and touring that museum makes for a great date.

So we made you a map

We focused on four neighborhoods: Highland Park, Downtown, the Arts District and Culver City.

Each is walkable and close to excellent dining options.

We put those options on the map, too.

You can read it on your phone, but our art department recommends printing out a copy and taking it with you. 

As for the modern day frescos, they’re part of a heritage that dates back to early Hispanic settlers. (FYI, the LA Mural Conservancy catalogues them all.)

Enjoy yourself. 

And drop us a line @insidehook with pics from your tour.

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