Your Special-Occasion Evacuation Plan
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Your Special-Occasion Evacuation Plan

BoomThat: Highly curated bouquets in 90 minutes

  • 05 May 2015

An elephant never forgets.

But a grown and housebroken man occasionally does.

Anniversaries. Birthdays. Valentine's Day days.

And what's that thing coming up this Sunday? Right. Mother's Day.

Thanks to the Internet, it's a problem easily remedied, care of BloomThat, a new website and app that delivers highly curated bouquets on demand in under 90 minutes.

Basically, in the time it takes her to get ready, you've got flowers.

They’re seasonal, too, which means prettier and more ecologically friendly.

And BloomThat keeps the choices to a minimum so that your little mind won't crash from decision fatigue.

Five different options (six if you include succulents) that come wrapped in burlap and twine with a personalized note.

Whether for Mother’s Day or just as a spontaneous thank you to your favorite lady, it's one of those no brainers.

Just don't wait till Sunday morning.

Or do.

She won't know you did.

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