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Good Wood

Rare wooden furniture born from fetish photography

  • 21 January 2013

The best furniture tells a story.

So we're going to tell you a tale.

AlbertIt's about a guy who was a smithy, and he wanted to be a lawyer. But on his way to becoming a lawyer, he accidentally became a fetish photographer in Milan.

And because smithies can do such things, he made restraints for the models.

Which everyone loved.

So he started building chandeliers. And benches. And suddenly he’s creating furniture for some very sleek LA restaurants — e.g., JiRaffe, the Venice Ale House, and the Desert Hot Springs Resort.

His name is Alberto Bevacqua. And now, his furniture — crafted from old-growth bubinga and, yes, metal — can be yours.
Give him a call. Tell him your story, and he and his son Ara will create something custom for you within two weeks. 

As for the models, Bevacqua still works with them, and he's sought out by fetish aficionados. He also occasionally hosts Live Draw, a party where six artists race to draw a nude and sell their work to guests.

The next one is March 23rd. 

We hope to see you there.

The Specifics

Alberto Bevacqua Studio

334 Sunset Ave
b/t 3rd and 4th St
(310) 413-5751
Custom orders take two weeks
From $4,500

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