App Users Spent the Most Money on Tinder and Netflix in the 2010s

We Netflix and chilled all decade

Tinder and Netflix
In the 2010s, we spent money on entertainment of all kinds.

The 2010s were the decade of Netflix and chilling, and now we have the financial data to prove it.

According to app analytics firm App Annie, streaming service Netflix and dating app Tinder made more money than any other apps in the 2010s, Money reported. The firm used iOS and Google Play data to rank the top earning apps of the decade, and while the App Store has grown over the years from a place for games and social media to include applications that control our homes, finances and beyond, it seems smartphone users remained most willing to shell out cash for the apps that could keep them entertained and/or get them laid.

As Money noted, Netflix makes the majority of its revenue from subscriptions, while Tinder’s climb to the second place slot was particularly impressive for a free app that didn’t start charging its users until 2015.

But while users spent the most money on Netflix and Tinder, they were far from the most downloaded apps of the decade. That distinction went to Facebook, with three fellow Facebook-owned apps — Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram — as runner ups. Snapchat rounded out the top five, while Skype, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter also made the global top ten, according to App Annie’s data.

But whether we spent our time Netflix and chilling with our Tinder matches or idly swiping while binge watching, it’s clear we weren’t afraid to pay up for quality entertainment this decade.

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