Mr Porter’s “12 Days of Grooming” Is an Advent Calendar Worth Buying

Kids get chocolates. You get this.

mr porter grooming advent calendar
The best men's grooming products of 2020 are all inside Mr Porter's dapper advent calendar.
Mr Porter

This year, we’ve tried our best to keep you on top of all things men’s grooming, whether it’s introducing you to Korean skincare and the plethora of hair-loss treatments, or simply reminding you to wash your face. We also understand that, while important, reading up on the latest advances in self-care may not have made it on your to-do list.

That all changes now with Mr Porter’s “12 Days of Grooming” Advent Calendar. While that may not sound like the most tantalizing holiday advent to open every day — especially if you’re used to the edible or drinkable variety, like a classic chocolate or the increasingly popular whiskey calendars — it really is the ideal 2020 version of the tradition.

First off, the folks at Mr Porter are experts at this. Their grooming advent is an annual affair where they curate the most noteworthy products of the year, from those eye masks you’ve heard so much about to a beloved hand moisturizer that you’ll need more than ever (when winter meets our extreme hand washing); and because most of them are full-size, you’re getting serious bang for your buck in a handsome watercolor calendar that will look great on any mantel. But more than that, this calendar serves as a reminder that you should prioritize taking care of yourself — without wasting time actually looking up how to do that.

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