You Are Now Free to Buy Your Own Private IMAX Theater

The price of said screening room, however: less free

June 30, 2016 9:00 am

Going out to the movies is an extortionate proposition these days, true.

But it’s still the only way to get all the thrills of an IMAX 3D experience. (And possibly the only reason we enjoyed — yes, enjoyedBatman v. Superman.)

Or at least it was the only way.

This week, IMAX announced plans to build private theaters in people’s homes. Known as the IMAX Private Theatre, these tricked-out screening rooms are already up and running in China and the Middle East. According to a new interview in Bloomberg, they’ll soon be available in North America (no specific dates were given).

According to IMAX’s site, the private cinemas are geared for “those who yearn for more, those who embrace the future, visionaries.” And those with a lot of scratch.

An IMAX “Palais” home system, featuring dual 4 2D/3D projectors, a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall screen (up to 75 square meters), IMAX sound system, a touchscreen controller and 24/7 remote monitoring support, will run you about $400K. The larger “Platinum” package, costing up to $1 million, adds additional seating for 20-40 guests.

Both systems also supports traditional HD television, games, Blu-ray and … karaoke.

To get a live peek of these massive home theaters, you’ll still need to head to China, but the company says they’ll soon be opening showrooms in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto. Sadly, having first access to newly released films (for $10,000) will not be a part of the North American deal.

As an alternate, cinephiles may want to check out the already-available Prima Cinema, which offers new releases for just $500 and an admittedly non-IMAX setup for around $35,000.

A Hollywood project of smaller dreams.

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