Making the Case

By The Editors
June 11, 2014 9:00 am


The NSA can see you.

And not to creep you out, but they can also hear you. And flip through your photos, send hilarious texts in your name, etc.

Because of your phone. Your easily hackable, actually-not-so-smart smartphone.

Enter Vysk.

A Texas-based security company, Vysk’s no-prying solution is simple: hardware, not software. (Well, simple with a touch of quantum randomness theory).

Like Iron Man armor for your iOS or Galaxy S5, Vysk sheaths your smartphone in a hard case with its own built-in cryptography circuit, thereby circumventing any malware attacks or remote hacking.


And that hardware is real nice: rugged case, not too heavy, feels good in the hand. Dedicated audio jack for encrypted calling. And at your discretion, it’ll lock out your mics and shutter your front and back cameras.

As for the innards: all the parts are made in the U.S.A. to prevent any supply-chain tampering.

On the data side: calls, texts and pics are routed over Vysk’s own privacy network. No metadata trail. Anybody who’s not your intended caller just hears a loud, annoying buzz.

Plus: remote wipes, self-destructing messages and — nice random bonus — your case also boosts your battery level by up to 120%.

Currently there are two models for fall pre-order: the colorful EP1, available in gold, blue, black and gunmetal grey. And the more robust, stealthier QS1, geared toward the lawyer/government/banker type.

Get crackin’.

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