Under Armour and Michelin Just Built the Boot-Equivalent of a Monster Truck

Snow ... What snow?

November 22, 2017 9:00 am

Turns out the Michelin Man is an Under Armour fan.

The ever-growing Baltimore-based athletic brand has teamed up with the most famous name in tires for a pair of monster boots. Featuring grippy Michelin tire outsoles, Under Armour’s new Fat Tire Govie Boot was built to conquer all manner of ice, from steep trails to suburban sidewalks.

They’re boots equipped with four-wheel drive, basically. 

The beastly pair includes total waterproof lining for any water trudging you might find yourself in, along with ‘Boa,’ a handy dial that tightens the boots’ stainless steel laces. The Fat Tire also comes in two different colorways over at Under Armour.

But for a little more coin, we suggest going all black

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