A Machete That Thinks It’s a Hand Axe

Be afraid, wood pile, be very afraid

June 16, 2017 9:00 am

Like most machetes, the El Chete from TOPS Knives can help you hack your way through life.

Dreamed up by the president of TOPS, Leo Espinoza, the El Chete was made to do everything a machete can do as well as perform all the tasks that are traditionally done by a hatchet.

With a well-rounded handle made from sandwiched Micarta, the 1/4″-thick blade is made from high-carbon 1095 steel that doesn’t taper in thickness and is as long as a $6 Subway sandwich.

El Chete (3 images)

Finished in an “Acid Rain” coating that’s unique to each piece, the El Chete weighs in at about two pounds and comes with a heavy duty Kydex sheath that’s designed to provide easy access.

For $240 (down from $300) we’d say the El Chete looks pretty sharp.

Be afraid wood pile, be very afraid. 

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